What Does It Cost ?

 I am sure a big question is what does it cost ? That is often times the first question people ask. Possibly a better question is how much value does a knowledgeable agent bring to the transaction. I recently heard this statement "The American Public Knows The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing" Sounds a bit harsh. But stop to think about it. Isn't there more often than not a direct relationship between cost and value. Sometimes you simply get what you pay for. ( When I first started in the business I sometimes lowered my fee because I did not have the knowledge or experience that only years have given me as well as the ability to negotiate. If someone cannot negotiate their own fee, how well will they be able to negotiate an offer for you their client?

The cost to list your home with and agent is totally negotiable. There are discount agents/companies and there are full service agents/companies. Sometimes today it is hard to tell the difference. I often times equate this to shopping at Wal Mart compared to Nordstrom's. You often times can buy a similar product at each but the service is normally much different. As a consumer today you need to look at the service, and knowledge base that an agent brings to the transaction and understand that a agent does not get paid until and unless your transaction is completed. This is the Pay If Forward approach, not just putting a sign in your yard and signing the necessary paperwork.

All of the above is crucial ground work that will help your Move Up The Property Ladder a smoother one. An educated consumer is my best client.