All the previous steps have prepared you to now be a Ready, Willing And Able Buyer

To summarize:

  1. You have your wish list & want list completed

  2. You have gotten approved for a loan you know your comfort level based on today's interest rates, the maximum you can afford and how much cash you will need.

  3. Your home is on the market - hopefully pending settlement!

Now the fun begins! We can start looking seriously for your new home.

While your home was on the market you may have checked out different neighborhoods. You've been recieving notice of all the listings in your preferred area sent as they have come on the market. You have been looking at the Market Snapshot every two weeks and have an idea of what things are selling for in the area. In other words everything we have been doing for the past few weeks has now brought us to this point. I have given you an idea of what the market is really doing. This may very well be different than what the media is saying.

You are an informed, approved buyer. When we do find just the right home you will also be a very powerful buyer. When you make an offer to purchase your new home it will be hard for the seller to resist your offer because you are truly ready to buy. You will be very comfortable with what your are doing. A really great place to be.

Our first day out!

We will choose what homes to look at. As we go to each home pay attention to the little details. You are not only buying a home you are buying a neighborhood also.

What does the area look like in general?

Is the neighborhood kept up overall?

What is your first impression as wepull up in front of the house ?

Does it look "well groomed" so to speak.

As we walk to the front door check to see if the exterior has been maintained, is it maintenance free or will you have to paint it?

We walk inside:

What does it feel like? This may sound a little absurd to you but 99% of the time we buy what feels right to us, feels like home to us. Emotion plays into this than more than most people realize. It may not be the one with the biggest kitchen, or the biggest back yard etc. It is the one that over all feels like "home".

As you walk through the home look at it and see if it will fit your needs. Is it a possibility? If so keep going through and check it all out. It is ok to open cabinets, look at appliances, open any doors. You have a right to look at anything except the seller's personal items. If the sellers are home it is ok to look. If you know the house will not fit your needs it is ok to say so and go on to the next. Why waste time?

Since you have done a lot of research prior to starting the actual looking it may not take you that long to find you perfect home. The better prepared you are when we start looking the easier it is to take your next step up the property ladder!

The first day out looking is an education process for you and me. You begin to see what your "comfort level" will get you and I begin to see what you like and don't like. Often times this has changed from what you envisioned when we started this process. Market conditions, pre-conceived ideas, interest rates etc. all play a part in this process.

After the first day looking, you may start to rethink your positioning and may feel like you might not be able to find a home that is right for you. This is normal. Realize that buying a home like almost anything in life is a "give and take". The list of "gotta haves", "wants" and "needs" sometimes gets changed a bit at this point.

Now we have looked at homes for a couple days and have seen what is available in your price range in the neighborhoods you like. You have it narrowed down to two or three homes. Depending on the market conditions you may have some time to think it over and maybe you don’t have a lot of time. All of the preparation you have done has brought you to this place where you can make a decision because you are informed, prepared and approved.

Making An Offer!

Perhaps you have chosen a home on 123 Main St. Now it is time to make an offer. The big question is how to structure it. How you structure it may depend on if you end up calling this house home or not. What are the market conditions? Is it a buyers or sellers market? What do I need the seller to do for me to make this work? How does this home compare to others that I have seen? Why did I choose this home over the others? It is not complicated but it is personal. This is what makes buying and selling Real Estate different than buying a new car. It is personal. The seller has memories in this home and to him it is the best home on the block, (remember you just had yours on the market!) and the buyer is looking for the best deal on his new house. Is the best deal always the lowest price? Not necessarily! The best deal is when both buyer and seller feel they got what they wanted and can move on with their lives.

If you can sit back and look at all aspects of the transaction you stand a much better chance of moving into 123 Main Street and calling it home. The best deal a buyer and seller can make is one where both parties win. This happens every day in Real Estate transactions and is the way it should be. This will be the way it is Moving Up The Property Ladder. The reason I can say that is because you have taken the time to read this!