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Current Listings

11708 Cob Court, Waldorf, MD
17 Whaleback Ln, Fredericksburg, VA
1703 Temi Drive, Waldorf, MD
1950 Edison Street, Arlington, VA
2 Battery Point Dr, Fredericksburg, VA
2 Kenrick Court, Indian Head, MD
2 Whaleback Lane, Fredericksburg, VA
22 Doswell Drive, Fredericksburg, VA
22 Mendota Way, Fredericksburg, VA
22 Table Bluff Drive, Fredericksburg, VA
2241 Old Bailey Ct, Waldorf, MD
23 Point Bluff Street, Fredericksburg, VA
2368 Ashford Drive, Waldorf, MD
26 Mendota Way, Fredericksburg, VA
3029 Dahoon Court, Waldorf, MD
31 Montera Avenue, Fredericksburg, VA
3112 Eutaw Forest Drive, Waldorf, MD
327 Hulls Chapel Road, Fredericksburg, VA
38 Battery Point Drive, Fredericksburg, VA
3853 Pine Cone Circle, Waldorf, MD
3857 Pine Cone Circle, Waldorf, MD
38784 Les Amis Lane, Mechanicsville, MD
49 Denison Street, Fredericksburg, VA
49 Denison Street, Fredericksburg, VA
51 Battery Point Dr, Fredericksburg, VA
58 Battery Point Road, Fredericksburg, VA
6165 Chapmans Landing Road, Indian Head, MD
63 Battery Point Drive, Fredericksburg, VA
64 Denison Street, Fredericksburg, VA
66 Denison Street, Fredericksburg, VA
68 Denison Street, Fredericksburg, VA
7 Ludington Ln, Fredericksburg, VA
9334 Clifford Drive, White Plains, MD
97 Denison Street, Fredericksburg, VA

Sold Listings

1 Mendota Way, Fredricksburg, VA
10501 Arron Court N, Waldorf, MD
10503 Lynnewood Court, Waldorf, MD
10601 Bradford Ct, White Plains, MD
10602 Wickerwood Court, Waldorf, MD
10640 Ashford Circle, Waldorf, MD
10812 Boysenberry Ct, Waldorf, MD
11230 Sewickley Street, Waldorf, MD
11819 Adrian Lane, La Plata, MD
1209 Bannister Circle, Waldorf, MD
121 Dulles Street, La Plata, MD
12433 Sub Station Road, Waldorf, MD
1311 Harwich Drive, Waldorf, MD
13241 Hawks Branch Court, Waldorf, MD
13910 S. Springfield Road, Brandywine, MD
14704 Dunbarton Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD
15209 Briggs Way, Woodbridge, VA
15415 Christy Lane, Waldorf, MD
1619 Debra Drive, Waldorf, MD
17247 Sarah Lane, King George, VA
19 Pocahontas Ct, La Plata, MD
2059 Red Spruce Court, Bryans Road, MD
2301 Avalon Court, Waldorf, MD
2311 Ashford Lane, Waldorf, MD
2317 Alava Ct., Waldorf, MD
2324 Ashford Ln, Waldorf, MD
2466 Kenbrook Court, Waldorf, MD
2597 Merganser Court, Waldorf, MD
2612 Meadowsweet Drive, Waldorf, MD
2824 Harrison Court, Waldorf, MD
3102 Tudor Drive, Waldorf, MD
3253 Ryon Court, Waldorf, MD
3664 Pine Cone Circle, Waldorf, MD
3735 Pecan Court, Waldorf, MD
37458 East Lakeland Drive, Mechanicsville, MD
41 Table Bluff Drive, Fredericksburg, VA
48 Battery Point Drive, Fredericksburg, VA
4915 Webfoot Court, Waldorf, MD
504 Kent Ave, La Plata, MD
53 Snowbird Lane, Stafford, VA
55 Denison Street, Fredricksburg, VA
6105 Church Drive, Brandywine, MD
6523 Alopex Road, Waldorf, MD
6553 Mallard Lane, Lothian, MD
6707 Scottswood Drive, Alexandria, VA
6709 Manatee Court, Waldorf, MD
809 Anne Arundel Avenue, La Plata, MD
9125 Poorhouse Rd, Port Tobacco, MD
9180 Crescent, La Plata, MD
93 Denison Street, Fredericksburg, VA
9307 Cheltenham Drive, Brandywine, MD

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