Getting Your Home Ready For The Open Market



 This is as important as the price. Buyers today do not have the time nor the money to come in and put in new carpet, take down the wall paper and paint to make it theirs. It has to be neutral, clean and uncluttered. Do you want to buy a home that has rainbow rooms, old carpet and is cluttered? The answer is no, and neither do the buyers looking at your home.

 I recommend that sellers make their home perfect no matter what the market is. It will help you get top dollar in a buyers market and it will help you to more in a sellers market. Paint and carpet are the least expensive fix ups with the biggest return. Will you get your money back dollar for dollar? Not necessarily, but your house will sell faster and the buyer will be less likely to offer less. Is it a guarantee? No, but I can guarantee that 99% of the time if it is not in top shape you will take longer to sell and you will get less for it.

 Another thing to take into consideration is interest rates and the cost of your new home. If your home sells for “less” (than you think it should) you will most likely buy for less than you would have and if interest rates go up and you buy for less what have you gained?

That is why we have professional stagers come in and help with this process and also have painters and contractors to help make this happen. When we, together, set the stage to sell your home we want it to be the best price on the block, the cleanest uncluttered interior, the furniture placed in just the right places, smelling fresh and clean, the lights on, the music playing. This will get an offer and that is what you need to take the next step in the process of “Moving Up The Property Ladder”.

 It is more than a sign in the yard. It is a process that as a professional Realtor, I guide you through the process. I have the contacts and resources available to take care of whatever needs to be done to help make this move.

 The reality is that buying a house is very emotional just as selling one is. A buyer will walk in a house and “it just feels right”. All the other things don’t matter. After over 20 years as a Realtor this has proven itself over and over to be true. I have seen buyers buy the house with the smallest kitchen when they wanted a big kitchen, and buy a house with no garage when they had to have a garage. Why? Because they walked into a house that felt right, was clean, uncluttered and they could visualize themselves living there. Your home is your Castle as it should be. When we put in on the market, we have to make it what the market is looking for. When the sign goes in the yard it is still your home but to everyone else it is just another house to consider.


 I look forward to meeting and discussing this with you further and helping you set the stage so you can “Move Up The Property Ladder”.