First Things First...

     If you are purchasing this home with someone else (spouse, relative, etc) the following questions may be best answered (for couples) separately. Now is not the time for couples to agree just to agree. You are making decisions that will affect the rest of your lives and you really need to be totally honest with each other .

     Also there are no right and wrong answers to these questions. They are just a starting point to putting this puzzle together. Think of it as working a jigsaw puzzle and we are starting to put the edges together.

1. Why are we moving?  

Be very clear. 

We/I want:

Larger yard

Better schools

Closer to public transportation

Closer to work

Better Neighborhood



2. What Do We/I want in this home? 

Larger Rooms


Larger Lot

More open floor plan



     The best thing to do is to let your mind wander and think outside the box. Nothing at this point is too over the top. Write anything down that comes into your head. It is ok. Have fun with this. Never mind what anyone tells you or you think that you cannot have. This is your wish list. Think about the "must haves" and the "should haves" and the "no limitations" .

Get a book and jot them down. Once you let your mind go you will think of things at different times so keeping them written is very important.

    You may also find that your spouse or significant other may have some of the same thoughts. But it is ok if theirs are not along the same lines as yours. Believe me you would not be the first couple for this to happen to. In the end both of you can be pleased with what your next home offers.

    You may have been thinking about this for a very long time and you maybe able sit down right now and write our your list. If this is the case that is great. Once you have the basic list together now you need to prioritize it. Listing the most important at the top and so on.

    Once you answer these very basic questions you have the foundation of your wants and needs. Then we start putting the plan together to achieve as many of your wants and needs as we can. This process is a give and take. By doing your homework up front , the choices down the road will be much easier.

You are starting to put the foundation in for the next chapter of your lives.  

     As you look back on what you came up with on the First Things First section maybe you can now begin to see how each phase begins to paint the picture of your next home. One small step at a time. Another thing to remember is this whole process may seem like a lot of stuff but once it starts it builds momentum. That is another very important reason to have an understanding of the whole process.  

 Now that you have your team together it is time to tackle the next step. Remember that throughout this journey one of the most important things is to ask questions and have a complete understanding of what you are doing.

    The Pay it Forward team, the right mix of professionals will eliminate the stress of uninformed decisions. In fact it can be fun!

Your next step is to put together The Move Up Team.